Aylien is a natural-language processing startup that has rolled out its text and sentiment analysis add-on for Google Sheets, powered by the Aylien Text Analysis API. The company allows users to analyze their text from spreadsheets in Google Drive.

“I tested out the add-on, and it’s both easy and useful,” wrote Derrick Harris for Gigaom after having tested the add-on. “It’s capable of standard tasks such as sentiment analysis, entity extraction, content extraction and classification (into preset categories), but also of summarizing long pieces of text and of breaking apart media URLs into separate fields for title, author, text, and images/media.”

The free trial of the add-on lets users process 1,000 rows, where they can then choose to pay $10 for another 1,000 rows. Customers can pay up to $200 for 200,000 rows.

The Irish startup was founded by current CEO Parsa Ghaffari in 2010 as a consumer business and Aylien’s Text Analysis API package consists of different Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning APIs that can be adapted the user’s processes and applications with relative ease.

Aylien provides a tutorial here.

Image Credit: Robin Hawkes

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