Press Release: Splunk, provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that Amaya Gaming, provider of a full suite of online gaming products and services, has transformed its development approach and enhanced performance across its online properties with the help of Splunk® Enterprise. Amaya Gaming reports that it uses Splunk software to pinpoint code-level issues to improve release quality and reliability, track usage analytics and drive higher monetization with better user engagement. In addition, Amaya Gaming executives are able to monitor revenue streams with real-time Splunk dashboards. To learn more, read the Amaya Gaming case study.

“The ability to search and correlate machine data from new website features with Splunk Enterprise has resulted in a dramatic reduction of errors and incidents,” said Greger Landgren, manager of production design, Amaya Gaming. “DevOps can now ensure the quality of releases, as well as avoid any negative impact on service performance. Splunk software has also empowered us to go one step further and analyze which new website features are being adopted, and how, by our end users. This insight is then fed back into the development cycle and informs decisions about driving customer engagement.”

The highly regulated nature of the gaming industry means that Amaya Gaming participates in regular compliance checks from different governments and authorities around the world. Splunk Enterprise enables Amaya Gaming to meet compliance requirements by giving the relevant authorities direct access to the data they need via dedicated compliance searches and dashboards. Amaya Gaming has also improved customer experience and increased service availability by visualizing operations data from applications to spot errors and deviations that could indicate problems. Predictive analytics in Splunk Enterprise 6 enable the team to drill down into the potential availability impact of slight trends, for example increased latency. In addition, by visualizing IT system health, the service operations team can tackle errors proactively, reducing the large amount of time previously spent tracking the source of the issue and freeing up team members to be more productive elsewhere.

“It is brilliant to see the results enabled by Splunk Enterprise resulting in a closer relationship between the developer team and the rest of the business at Amaya Gaming,” said Thomas Lundmark, regional director, EMEA North, Splunk. “Amaya Gaming demonstrates the value that organizations uncover when they analyze and correlate their machine data with Splunk software, thereby driving efficiency and innovation through real-time operational intelligence. We are proud that Splunk software is giving companies like Amaya Gaming a competitive advantage.”

(Image Credit: Gaming Zion)

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