On October 1st and 2nd, industry leaders from across the globe will descend onto Berlin to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about the growing influence data is having in our world.

The event, which is aptly described as “AIR. WATER. EARTH. DATA.”, will take place in the trendy nhow hotel, and will be hosted by one of Europe’s leading specialists in digital target group marketing, nugg.ad.

Speakers from companies such as BMW, Google and Soundcloud as well as thought leaders like Matthias Ehrlich, President of the BVDW, Anne Roth of the German NSA Inquiry Committee and Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino of Designswarm will examine the latest trends in the world of data as well as its impact on society.

“As the motto “AIR. WATER. EARTH. DATA.” suggests, Big Data has become an elementary part of our society. With buzzwords such as “Internet of Things”, “Internet of Everything”, “Wearables” and “Smart Cities” turning into an every day reality, the Data Days Conference 2014 aims at delving deeper into this fascinating world,” says, Ilana Rolef, Marketing & Communications Director. “Our international speakers will thus look well beyond the advertising industry, and touch controversial issues such as the privacy related, ethical and societal implications of Big Data.

On Day 1, there will be four tracks where the audience can participate: “Algorithms & Predictions“, “Automation – What the Future Holds“, “Data-Driven Applications vs Ethics and Policies“ and “Applications & Society“. There will also be a panel discussion on “What are the predictive trends and technologies of the future of Big Data?“, which will be moderated by Dr. Benedikt Köhler.

Day 2 will have two different tracks. Google’s Jeremy Abbett and others discuss whether we can trust the Internet of Things and how far can we take people out of the loop! This will be followed by track II “Opportunities & Challenges of Data-Based Start-Ups” and the Data Pioneers Competition, which will identify the most innovative data-driven startup.”

All in all, this is going to be one awesome conference!

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