Yahoo launched Yahoo Stores, the new redux ecommerce platform that is “completely reimagined, next-generation version” of the original with new additional features, and intends to help start, build and grow enterprises online.

Yahoo Stores lets the user start accepting orders “in less than a couple of minutes”, instead of having to create an online store which in-turn takes weeks. The company’s platform is PCI compliant, and connects the user directly with a payment service provider.

A new feature “automatic SEO” through which, the user enterprise utilises’s technology, including relevant keywords in the client website URLs, concise descriptions of website’s content, and so on. Yahoo Stores also offers a product catalog schema and tools for merchants to organize and promote their products.

The interface offers a plethora of options in themes and customisations, with built-in support for smartphones, tablets and desktop platforms. It also provides real-time analytics for Web and mobile to help monitor traffic and sales.

Apparently Yahoo has utilised its small business team and their insights from over 1 million customers over the past 16 years to create a overhauled platform for small business owners.

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