This week saw several huge funding announcements in the big data sphere. Israeli cyber security startup GuardiCore raised $11 million to bolster data centre security; Everstring landed $12 million to enlist more data scientists; Nervana raised $1.1 million for their deep learning hardware venture, which remains shrouded in mystery. See which other data tales hit the headlines over the past seven days:

The Week In Big Data - 18Th August, 2014Distributed NoSQL: Riak

In his previous post Distributed NoSQL: HBase and Accumulo, Heifeng Li explored two BigTable-like open source solutions. In this post Heifeng will talks about Riak, a highly available key-value store modeled after’s Dynamo.

The Week In Big Data - 18Th August, 201460 Seconds with the Most Connected Man on Earth

We’re on the verge of a wearable technology revolution. Although the reception of Google Glass left a lot to be desired, hoards of companies are looking into integrating smart technology into their products- from smart watches and wristbands to home furnishings which can interact with each other.  This week we spent 60 seconds with the most connected man on earth.

The Week In Big Data - 18Th August, 2014Five Things Big Data Isn’t

Jamal Khawaja, a senior manager at Wipro, confronts two problems companies and people face when it comes to big data: 1) no one really knows what Big Data is, and 2) no one knows the right way to position Big Data as a solution. This blog addresses both, but facing the wrong direction. He tell us what Big Data isn’t, in the hopes that it will clarify what Big Data is.


The Week In Big Data - 18Th August, 2014How Your Tumblr Activity Gives Away Your Drinking Habits

According to Gartner, 80% of data created today is unstructured. No data could be less structured than the vast ocean of selfies, photos of Starbucks beverages and millennial angst that is Tumblr. But the billion-dollar company may have found a way to take this rich, messy cultural cachet and turn it in to something profitable for big business.

The Week In Big Data - 18Th August, 2014Data Forecasts The Ice Bucket Challenge Will All Be Over in 22 Days

For those of you uninitiated with The Ice Bucket Challenge, the basic premise is as follows: a person has a bucket of ice water tipped over their head. They then nominate two friends to also tip a bucket of ice water over their head, and said friends have 24 hours to complete the challenge. Before you question this lunacy, it’s for a good cause.

The Week In Big Data - 18Th August, 2014Everstring Lands $12m in Funding to Expand its Data Scientist Workforce

Big Data startup Everstring has acquired $12 million in funding which it intends to utilize in enlisting more data scientists to assist enterprises in identifying prospective sales leads and new clients through predictive analytics. The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors Sequoia Capital and IDG Ventures.

(Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson)

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