Cloud computing company, Salesforce has launched the next generation of its exhaustive customer journey management platform ‘Journey Builder’. The application has been empowering leading marketers such as Microsoft, Skymall and Sony-Playstation, to create, automate, optimize and personalize customer experience with real time interactions across various channels.

“ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder product is going to help us get closer to our customers,” said Kevin Weiss, chairman & CEO for SkyMall. “We’re building 1:1 customer journeys in real time across all channels and devices, better serving customer needs and interests through the joy of shopping.”

The customer journey platform was released last year at the Salesforce hosted, Dreamforce, and this year Journey Builder boasts of enhanced capabilities and additional tools including Journey Map – a drag and drop interface allowing marketers to see the customer journey, Journey Triggers – a behaviour driven tool that predicts and triggers response to customer actions through the journey, and Journey Metrics – enabling marketers to set goals and tracking the metrics towards achieving those goals.

Globally there has been a realisation of an impending shift from campaign to customer journey in order to beat competition. As marketers realise this, a demand for tools to better address customer experience in real time is growing. With the launch of Journey Builder marketers are now better equipped to map and understand customer dynamics and act accordingly based on individual digital marketing engagement across mobile, web, social platforms and a swarm of other media.

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(Image Credit: sprmario)

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