Social bookmarking innovator Pinterest, announced on Tuesday, the deployment of a free analytics dashboard that is tailor made for advertisers across the globe.

Jason Costa who is a product manager at Pinterest, told Mashable recently, “We’re pretty excited about this because it’s actually our first global business tool launch that we’re doing.” He explains, “We talk here at Pinterest a lot about the importance of the user experience and how the pinned side of the ecosystem is important to us. Businesses are equally and critically important to us as well.”

The analytics tool will assist businesses with a better understanding of Pinterest and superlative insights into the advertisers’ target audience and outreach. This will eventually prove crucial to Pinterest revenues, once their ads are widely available. Pinterest is still testing promoted pins.

According to Costa,”This isn’t so much an advertising tool. It’s a free tool that is really meant to inform these guys how their organic strategy is working on the service.” He points out, “By and large, we are putting this out there to make sure these businesses are getting the insights that they need to make sure their marketing and product strategies are improving over time.”

According to some reports, Pinterest is currently valued $5 billion and is touted to be “the next big social network that will go public”, with some effort needed in its financial machinery. The company hopes that the new analytics tool will add to that effort.

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(Image Credit: mkhmarketing)

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