Microsoft’s latest offering on Windows Azure is the non-relational DocumentDB – a fully managed NoSQL document database, and a search tool that Azure-based developers can utilise in their applications.

Director of product marketing at Microsoft Azure, Vibhor Kapoor wrote, “Azure DocumentDB is a managed NoSQL document database-as-a-service that provides the benefits of a NoSQL document database but also adds the query processing and transaction semantics common to relational database systems.”

Along with NoSQL applications from MongoDB, MongoLabs, Nodejitsu, Redis, and RavenHQ available in the Azure Store, customers have a wide spectrum of options to choose from. DocumentDB, is most certainly Microsoft’s answer to Amazon’s DynamoDB database service and its CloudSearch searching service. It is available on Azure and not as a standalone product.

Microsoft’s latest makes their intentions evident; giving AWS competition and looking to increase cloud revenues as well as user-ship is all part of chief executive Satya Nadella’s scheme of things.

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(Image Credit: ashraful kadir)

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