Metanautix, Big Data analytics startup coming out of stealth-mode, has raised $7 million Series A financing round, partnering with Sequoia Capital. The investment was also led by Stanford University endowment fund and Shiva Shivakumar, entrepreneur and former VP of engineering at Google.

“Integrating the data supply chain has been a thorny problem troubling enterprise companies with rich and complex data ecosystems. With Metanautix, Theo and team are solving a riddle and unlocking new value from existing data. When I saw the technology behind Metanautix, I was excited to support the company and team,” said Shiva Shivakumar, CEO Urban Engines.

Companies that intend to analyze their blooming data, that is spread across multiple depots, are afflicted by slow access to data and complex pipelines that are hard to maintain and require specialized resources. Instead of having to work through a software engineer, business analysts are more at ease with the ubiquitous SQL. Metanautix intends to disentangle the data supply chain, with SQL driven, massively scalable technology without the business having to relocate their data.

Founded by Theo Vassilakis, once a Big Data specialist at Google and Apostolos Lerios who was a senior software engineer at Facebook, Metanautix presently, has 25 employees and 6 customers which includes Hewlett-Packard and is rolling out their new software by the year end.

Explains co-founder and CEO, Vassilakis, that their application is especially relevant for the new age, perpetually evolving companies who might one day decide to launch new products hosted in different data sources than the ones they might currently use.

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