In a move which could have students across the world weeping with joy, LinkedIn have mined their data pool to offer unprecedented insights into the world of internships. In a recent post on their blog, the LinkedIn team published research detailing which industries were more likely to provide internship opportunities, and which of them would turn into job offers.

Research consultant for LinkedIn, Sohan Murthy writes for the blog, “Given how difficult it’s been for recent grads to get full-time jobs in this economy, we wanted to provide some insights into the trends around internships by mining the data in over 300 million LinkedIn member profiles to answer two questions:
Which industries offer the most internship opportunities? How often do those internships lead to a full-time jobs at those companies?”

In August last year, LinkedIn had launched University Pages, as a tool to assist students finishing up with high school, to help them get better insight before sending out applications to various colleges.

With ready data available on industries, LinkedIn has transformed this data into an interactive graph which could prove invaluable to students and recent graduates. According to the graph, the public relations and communications, museums, international affairs, and sports industries top the internship opportunities table. Coversely, you’ll find internships in short supply in the fields of education management, fitness, and logistics. If you’re looking for a full-time position, your best bets are accounting (59% internship-to-job conversion), computer networking (47%) and management consulting (44%).

“As we continue to build the Economic Graph, a digital map of the global economy, we’ll be able to provide students with more information to navigate an increasingly complex and challenging job market,” wrote Murthy. “Youth unemployment is one of the most important challenges of our time, and we hope to provide meaningful solutions in the near future.”

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(Image credit: Sean MacEntee)

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