Israeli cyber security startup GuardiCore yesterday announced that it has raised $11 million in a series A funding. The investment round was led by Battery Ventures, with participation from Greylock IL – an affiliate fund of Greylock Partners – and other undisclosed strategic partners.

“GuardiCore is developing a completely new breed of network security,” said Pavel Gurvich, the company’s chief executive.

“Powered by software-defined networking (SDN) methodologies and recent advances in virtualization, our solution is scalable to multi-terabit traffic rates. GuardiCore’s mission is simple: to provide security and IT executives with advanced tools to win the war against cyber-attacks.”

As the company explains in its press release, data centers are not designed to tackle today’s threats where attacker sophistication and the risk of insider attacks are growing. To overcome this, GuardiCore first platform component, “Active Honeypot”, reroutes traffic without the attacker knowing to a monitored server. Once there, the company can gain insight and understand the nature of the attack, eliminating the threat in real-time.

The company said that Active Honeypot is entering evaluation at private clouds and data centers of leading enterprise customers and data center service providers.

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(Image Credit: Bob Mical)

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