Premier photo-sharing company, Instagram just released a string of advert-analytic tools with the aim to enable brands monitor the performance of their “paid and organic” content on Instagram.

The suite consists of three analytical tools: 1) account insights – which enables enterprises monitor brand awareness on Instagram through impressions, reach, and engagement, 2) ad insights – provides analytics on performance of paid campaigns for each individual ad delivered to the target audience, and 3) ad staging – allows advertisers and their creative teams to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creative for upcoming campaigns.

According to the press release on their website, “The new tools will help brands monitor their posts and campaigns by providing information on reach, impressions, and engagement. For example, an advertiser will now have access to a real-time campaign summary and data showing how their target audience is responding to each of their sponsored photos. Also, brand marketers will be able to better understand the best time of day to post a photo or video.”

Although initial test campaigns did not cite any inclination to gains or losses to brands, advertisements on Instagram are an expensive affair costing enterprises anywhere from $500,000 to just almost $1 million for a month’s campaign.

Even after all the proficiency of the advertiser-aiding tools, how users react to ads showing up on a largely usage-evolved news feed, remains to be seen in the coming months.

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(Image Credit: Slipp D. Thompson)

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