Leading provider of predictive health analytics Lumiata has closed $5 million in equity funding, as per an  SEC filing dated for August 11.

Lumiata has developed a one of a kind medical graph that analyzes collated multitudes of data points which helps deliver real-time predictive analytics, assisting hospital networks and insurance providers serve more patients with better care in less time.

“There is little debate that health care delivery is lacking today – both in its quality and its affordability. Lumiata has created a new predictive engine to help turn the practice of medicine into a science,” pointed out Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures which is a leading investor in transformational health care, in January this year. “Lumiata’s medical graph helps providers ensure they’re giving the right care, at the right time, from the right person so they can deliver better value-based health to more patients.”

Started in 2013 and previously known as MEDgle, Lumiata is largely a group of clinicians, data scientists, and experts in care delivery and is currently led by Ash Damle. Earlier this year it raised $4 million in Series A financing from Khosla Ventures, bringing its total investment to $9 million.

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(Image Credit: TechCrunch)

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