Adatao, a startup in the big data analytics space, yesterday announced it has raised $13 million in series A funding led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Although the company has been developing its product for a few years, the new funding will go towards expanding the team, developing their product further, and acquiring new customers.

Adatao has two product offerings for customers, one aimed at “geeks”, as Techcrunch describe, and the other at “people who just want information.” The former – dubbed pAanalytics – is built on Apache Spark and sifts through “data by representing it as one large, simple table, hiding the data complexities, enabling data scientists and engineers to work with Big Data analytics in a very simple, powerful way.”

pAnalytics provides an API that allows data scientists and engineers to build applications on top of the data to make it accessible to business users. Data can be pulled in from Cassandra, analyzed in Spark, and the results saved back to S3 – all using one familiar API

The second product offering, pInsights, allows business analysts to interact with big data in an interactive format. As the company describe, “Similar to aFacebook or Google Search engine, predictive SmartQuery was built into a Google Doc type document that allows users to instantly and collaboratively produce embedded analytics to assist with decision making.”

Peter Levine, general partner at Andreessen and now board member of Adatao, described how the aforementioned product offerings could be used in practice,

“For example, a business user in the airline industry can ask (in natural language) Adatao’s system to predict future airline delay ratios by quickly exploring 20 years of arrival/departure data (124 million rows of data) to break down past delays by week, month, and cause. In the same way Google Docs allows teams all over the world collaborate, Adatao allows data scientists and business users to collaborate on massive datasets, see the same views and together produce a visual model in just three seconds.”

Adatao was founded in 2012 and is headed by former engineering director at Google Christopher T. Nguyen.

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(Image Credit: Jer Thorp)

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