This week we reported on more fall-out from the Facebook “mood manipulation” experiment revelation, some expert advice from Big Data legend Doug Laney, and continued our coverage of Big Data’s use in the World Cup:


The Week In Big Data - July 7, 2014Understanding Big Data: Cross Infrastructure & Analytics

In this edition, we’ll be examining the big data offerings of household names and global leaders, most of whom offer an end-to-end solution for storing, processing, analysing and visualising data.

Doug Laney’s Advice For Big Data AdoptionDoug Laney’s Advice for Big Data Adoption

We recently discussed the pitfalls of big data with Gartner’s Research VP, creator of the 3 V’s and all-round big data legend Doug Laney, and formulated some don’ts of big data to steer your big data dreams in the right direction.

How Spotify And Shazam Predict Music’s Next Big TalentHow Spotify and Shazam Predict Music’s Next Big Talent

Over the past few years, music subscription services have seen incredible growth, with revenues up by 51 percent in 2013 and the $1 billion threshold crossed. In contrast to that, over a decade of stagnation has seen Europe’s overall record sales grow by just 4.3 percent.


What You Don’t Know About Apache LuceneWhat You Don’t Know About Apache Lucene

We caught up with Robert at Berlin Buzzwords to discuss his work, how people are using Lucene and what we can expect from Lucene in the future- sadly, there was no talk of ghosts.


Us Senator Writes Letter Of Complaint To Fdc Regarding Facebook Mood ExperimentUS Senator Writes Letter of Complaint to FDC Regarding Facebook Mood Experiment

Facebook is again under attack, this time by U.S Senator Mark R. Warner, who is asking the Federal Trade Commission to inspect the social network’s use of big data. The cause of this is a controversial experiment conducted by Facebook on a share of its users.

Germany Vs. Brazil – An Impressive Success For Big Data In The World CupGermany vs. Brazil – An Impressive Success for Big Data in the World Cup

Earlier in the month we reported on Germany’s national team working with IT giant SAP for the current World Cup to add data to their training. Typically a strong team, it wasn’t until Tuesday that they really showed the force of their preparation.

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