In a report from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) in June, it was revealed that cloud computing has “officially hit the mainstream” in the United Kingdom. The research found that 78% of organizations had “formally” adopted one or more cloud-based services – representing 15% growth since September 2013 and 61.5% growth since 2010 when the annual study began.

Furthermore, the study found that large enterprises showed the highest rates of cloud adoption (80%), while small and medium businesses stood at 75%. The public sector, on the other hand, lagged at roughly 68%. The drivers that contribute to the adoption of cloud computing are believed to be “flexibility of cloud as a delivery model” for the private sector (17%); while operational cost savings (21%) was the main reason for cloud adoption in the public sector”

Interestingly, as one article reported, despite growing data privacy and security concerns in the “post-Prism era,” respondents of the survey almost unanimously reported (98%) no security breaches from their cloud services, and a majority (56%) said that the Prism revelations have not altered their adoption of the cloud.

Alex Hilton, CIF’s chief executive, also commented on the future of cloud computing.

“We can…predict that 10% of businesses will likely report a primary cloud-based IT strategy, 10% will remain entirely on-premise and 80% will have a hybrid IT environment,” Hilton said.

“This means that nine out of 10 companies will continue to invest in on-premise IT alongside and integrated with cloud solutions.

“In other words, we are in fact seeing the normalisation of cloud in the hybrid IT market,” he added.

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(Image Credit: BasicGov)

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