Press Release: Splunk Inc. provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced that John Lewis is using Splunk® Enterprise to deliver operational and customer insight across, a website that generates a billion British Pounds of annual revenue. Originally selected to search and alert on John Lewis’ IT infrastructure, Splunk Enterprise is now also used for digital intelligence through real-time analysis of data from e-commerce platforms to better understand purchasing trends, improve customer experience and drive higher conversion rates. To learn more, watch the John Lewis video or read the John Lewis case study.

“Within weeks of implementing Splunk software, we saw a substantial return on investment,” said Aleem Cummins, release manager & Splunk lead, John Lewis. “We discovered we were losing customers with a certain version of a web browser at checkout. Insights from Splunk Enterprise immediately identified and helped to resolve the problem and protect our revenues. We have also started to analyze customer journeys on the John Lewis website, revealing new insight into how customer experience can be made even better. At John Lewis, customer experience is more than just words; it’s a belief, and Splunk has helped us to better understand, and improve, the experience we offer our customers.”

The John Lewis team uses the intelligence Splunk Enterprise provides to make key business decisions, from the IT, web and marketing departments to senior stakeholders of Over the key Christmas clearance in 2013, Splunk Enterprise made a positive contribution to John Lewis delivering the best online performance in company history. John Lewis online sales grew more than 23% over the holiday period, and Splunk Enterprise is credited with helping the organization make important operational and marketing decisions, such as when to promote certain items or campaigns.

“It is fantastic to see John Lewis reaping the benefits of operational intelligence,” said Steve Sommer, chief marketing officer, Splunk. “Harnessing machine data is helping John Lewis deliver the best possible customer experience and further transform its business. Leading companies such as John Lewis are increasingly understanding the value of machine data and how it can help deliver a competitive advantage.”

(Image credit: Flickr)

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