Oracle has unveiled their Oracle Big Data SQL, a tool which runs single SQL queries across Oracle’s own database, Hadoop and NoSQL. The software is a feature in Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, which includes Cloudera’s enterprise Hadoop product.

In discussion with ZDNet, vice president of big data and advanced analytics at Oracle Neil Mendelson identified three main problems enterprises face when managing big data: managing integration, finding the right people with new skill sets vs. training existing personnel, and security. He hopes that Oracle Big Data SQL will address these problems.

Connecting the dots between different big data solutions minimises data movement, which Oracle hope will lead increased speed as well as ease of use. They promise the queries can be run over an array of structured and unstructured data. As well as querying over Hadoop and NoSQL, Oracle’s enhanced security features will cover data used by these solutions.

In order to gain access to Oracle Big Data SQL, enterprises must be running Oracle Database 12c. Production is slated to start in Autumn, and cost will be announced when the product is generally available.

If you’re running Oracle, you may also be interested to know they released 113 crucial patches across their product line last night- find out more about that here.

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