Newsflash England Are Godless Leeds

Datashine, a data visualisation platform developed by Oliver O’Brien at UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analytics, has harnessed the data from the UK’s 2011 census to give us some insights into the Great British people. The interactive map allows you to explore a variety of metrics, including population, health and education.

One of the most intriguing metrics is religion. For a country with an established national religion, England is, in parts, pretty Godless. The visualisations show the density of those who specified “No religion” on the census, with Green indicating more than 39.5% specifying no religion and red indicating areas where 0% specified no religion.

Newsflash England Are Godless Brighton

Godless regions include Brighton (above), Bristol, York, Norwich and Nottingham.

Divided areas include Bradford and Leeds (at the top of the post), Manchester and Leicester.

Towns keeping the faith include Liverpool (below) and Birmingham (who curiously get more atheist the closer you move to the centre).

Newsflash England Are Godless Liverpool

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(Image credits: Datashine)

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