Alpine Data Labs today unveiled Alpine Chorus 4.0, “the industry’s first Advanced Analytics enterprise platform that enables universal data discovery and search”. It also introduces a first-of-its-kind life cycle management facility for Hadoop and non-Hadoop platforms, allowing for machine learning algorithms & analytics to managed simply and in a timely manner.

Talking about the pathway between raw data and insights, Alpine’s CMO Bruno Aziza told Dataconomy: “It’s really hard to extract value out of big data today. I think if you look at market research, only 4% of companies get value out of their big data investments. There’s a struggle between the data layer, and the value to executives within the business. This is what we target.”

Alpine’s solution is to take a collaborative approach towards data science and analytics. Their Google-like universal search means users can browse and work with any file, model, workflow, comment or dataset, and create powerful visualisations without data movement. Engineers have access to Github-like control features (copy workflow, history capture, revert capability), job scheduling and data management. All interactions in Alpine Chorus are recorded and auditable, allowing executives to see exactly what’s going on with their projects.

“On our platform, we want the data scientists to be productive, we want the business analysts to be engaged, and we also want the executives to feel like they have a platform which gives them a repeatable set of processes which they can use to solve real business problems,” Aziza remarked.

As well as universal search, Alpine have added several other features for the data scientists, including an extensive library of transformation operators, support for a range of open source technologies (such as Spark, Sqoop and Madlib), as well as the ability to send data easily in and out of Hadoop.

Although as Aziza notes, the 100+ new features on Alpine Chorus 4.0 extend far beyond the remit of the data scientists. “It’s not about the algorithms, it’s about a new level of engagement that the organisation needs to create in order to get value faster.”

“We believe that more people and more data means better results.”

Try Alpine Chorus 4.0 for yourself here.

(Image credit: Alpine Data Labs)

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