A group of tech giants has come together to develop an open-source code that is applicable to all
wireless—connected devices. Under the name “Open Internet Consortium”, companies such Dell,
Samsung, Atmel, Broadcom and Intel’s Wind River are working together on a communal concept of the
Internet of things.

Their first target group of devices are smart home and office solutions, and if all goes according to plan, the code will be implemented in 212 billion devices by 2020. To accelerate the Internet of Things (consisting of devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets) the participating hardware producers and everyone else involved in the production of such devices will have to agree on a standardised way in which wireless devices connect.

The goal of this venture is to create a structure that works for every device regardless of the service provider in use or other factors that have caused fractions so far, such as operating systems or hardware. But there is competition: The AllSeen Alliance, consisting of companies such as Qualcomm, Sharp, LG, Panasonic and Microsoft are taking the same path.

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(image source: Betsy Weber)

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