Press Release- At the Spark Summit 2014, GridGain™ Systems, provider of the leading open source In-Memory Computing (IMC) Platform, announced that it has enhanced both the performance and ease of deployment of the latest version of the GridGainIn-Memory Accelerator for Hadoop®, expanding the benefits of in-memory computing to the Hadoop world. The GridGain Hadoop Accelerator enables companies to achieve unparalleled speed and scale with their existing Map/Reduce applications without requiring any code change to their native MapReduce, HDFS and YARN environment.

Prior to this announcement, running IMC in an existing Hadoop environment required code changes to the application, reducing organizations’ ability to quickly derive the full performance benefits of an in-memory architecture. The new GridGain Hadoop Accelerator allows for true plug and play deployment, meaning that within minutes of download developers can deliver up to 10x performance improvement on their Map/Reduce applications.

Opening the doors to in-memory-based real-time analytics
By enabling companies to more readily leverage in-memory performance at scale for their Hadoop clusters, GridGain is extending the benefits of its proven IMC Platform to a larger set of enterprise organizations. Leveraging the full GridGain IMC Platform, customers now can develop innovative, category-defining applications that process both transactional and analytic data at the speed of RAM and with unlimited scale.

“The GridGain IMC Platform’s superior speed and scalability has been amply demonstrated in transaction-based processing, particularly in financial services, where one of GridGain’s largest customers was recently able to achieve one billion ACID transactions per second,” said Nikita Ivanov, Co-founder and CTO, GridGain Systems. “But more and more, customers are also looking for a way to enable real-time analytics within their existing Hadoop environment, without having to invest too much time or effort in the process. GridGain’s IMC Platform is the first to enhance high-speed, high-scale transactions and real-time analytics with an in-memory plug and play Hadoop Accelerator.”

Released for early access, GridGain’s latest version of its open source IMC Platform is available for download here today.

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