Japanese IT vendor Fujitsu announced on Monday that it is injecting $2 billion over the next two years to expand its cloud portfolio. The company said that the majority of its budget will be spent on new datacenter capacity and ramping up investment in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cloud integration service, with the aim of accelerating its cloud sales to $3.45 billion.

“We see cloud as the natural platform for delivering these new types of applications, which is reflected in both the increase we are seeing in cloud adoption and how it is becoming a standard part of IT service delivery models for many CIOs today,” said Maeron McNaught, Fujitsu’s executive vice president of solutions and global delivery.

“We also recognize that no single cloud service provider can meet all customer needs, so we are continuing to invest in our cloud integration services,” he continued.

Currently, Fujitsu has 25 cloud centres globally and will deliver two additional data centers in the UK and US as part of the investment. ZDNet also report that Fujitsu have plans to open “two new locations in the USA for its IaaS Private Hosted deployments, plus additional deployments in six locations across Europe and Asia, as well as expansion in three existing geographies.”

Fujitsu is not alone in its huge investment in cloud; IBM and HP both announced this year plans to invest $1 billion in their respective cloud portfolios. However, Alexander Michael, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, spoke of Fujitsu’s announcement favorably:

“Fujitsu has established itself in the global cloud computing market with its diverse portfolio and attractive cloud offerings, in spite of the high competition….“Given an end-to-end cloud services portfolio and unique value propositions, enterprises should definitely consider Fujitsu when evaluating cloud service providers.”

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(Image Credit: Bernat Agullo)

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