In a blog post published yesterday, the renowned data scientist Hilary Mason announced the launch of a new startup called Fast Forward Labs. The project is aimed at people and companies that want up-to-date information on the latest data technology and help on how to implement them for their specific business needs.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Mason expounded upon the basic business model for Fast Forward Labs,

“It’s a hack on the basic consultancy model in the sense that companies can subscribe to our research, [which] is basically looking for things right at the point where they’ve become technologically possible or much cheaper than they used to be, but not really exploited in industry,”

“[The research] become artifacts our clients can look at and say, ‘Wow. Now that I know this thing is possible, I want to use it over here.’”

Much like a consultancy, once a company or individual wishes to have the reported technology, the team at Fast Forward Labs will help their clients implement the desired product.

Although the company started only a few months ago, it has four clients in its portfolio, “including a large commerce brand, a business that performs financial modelling, and a company with a celebrity news division,” VentureBeat report.

Describing the vision for the company’s future, Mason said,

“My plan is really to try to build a new mechanism for doing applied science research. I think existing mechanisms are not supporting the kind of work and pace of work that has to happen in 2014, and I’d really like to be part of trying to build something new.”

The company has not received any funding to date.

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(Image Credit: Stewart Townsend)

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