In a report recently published by IDC, it was suggested that cloud technologies are significantly disrupting infrastructure sales in EMEA, with estimates that $3.4 billion was spent on hardware going to cloud environments during 2013 (marking a 21% increase compared to 2012).

“Along with big data, social, and mobility, cloud represents one of the four pillars of IDC’s 3rd Platform vision — a new paradigm of IT usage that is revolutionizing the way technology is adopted in commercial and consumer environments,” said Giorgio Nebuloni, research manager at IDC.

“The rise of cloud has triggered a revolution in the hardware market. While white-box and few large OEMs fight to absorb the surge in demand for public cloud, most incumbent hardware players invest heavily in offerings enabling on-premises and hosted private cloud environments, such as integrated systems, high-end networks, and high-performance storage.”

Indeed, IDC’s forecasts on cloud infrastructure sales in 2014 are expected to see further growth, with the research house suggesting it could exceed $4 billion by the end of 2014 that spending will increase 19 percent annually. The main business drivers for cloud, IDC says, are related to scalability, agile mobile application support, and lower totally cost of ownership.

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(Image Credit: mendhak)

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