Partners Capgemini and Cloudera have blissfully co-existing since the autumn of last year. Now, they’re taking their relationship to the next level; they’re extending their partnership to assisst and accelerate big data deployment in Australia. Capgemini is also accelerating its global investment in the Cloudera platform.

“Frontiers between the digital and bricks-and-mortar worlds are disappearing, so organisations’ business models are being disrupted,” remarks Manuel Sevilla, Capgemini’s group chief technology officer.

“Addressing real business challenges such as managing the evolution of the Customer Experience or the impact of the Internet of Things requires Big Data. Partnering closely with Cloudera allows us to accelerate the execution of Big Data projects.”

The new offerings from the partnership include Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator and Data Science-as-a-Service. The Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator serves as roadmap to guide enterprises through their first big data intiatives, helping businesses to scale data governance and analytics to revitalise their enterprise. The Data Science-as-a-Service includes services such as supply chain risk monitoring, fraud detection & brand reputation monitoring.

Cloudera chief executive officer, Tom Reilly, explained that the value of the partnership derived from CapGemini taking all of the legwork out of deploying big data projects. “They make it easy for companies to derive value from their Big Data investments,” he said.

For Cloudera, partnership and integration seem to be a cornerstone of their business model. They recently announced partnerships & integrations with Dell, Intel and Spark, bringing their partner count to over 1,000.

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