Actian Corporation have just unveiled their Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program, designed to help jump-start analytics projects and aid them down the road to production. Designed in conjunction with Actian’s Centre for Excellence, the program provides a complete analytics roadmap, complete with blueprints, pre-built workflows and workshops to help companies do analytics the right way.

John John Santaferraro, Actian’s VP of Marketing, told Dataconomy the Clear Path Program addresses one crucial question for businesses: “How do you take big data projects and move them into production, creating more value using analytics?” “It’s not a path that a lot of companies are ready to take on their own,” he added. “We come along side of them and accelerate that process, helping them do it right the first time.”

The first set of blueprints focuses around Customer Analytics, which will be available at no cost via the Actian website. John Santaferraro remarked that alot of businesses they encounter today “are doing some statistical analysis and they want to move to predictive. But in most cases they are not quite sure where to start. These blue prints give them that starting place, and a road map of how of how to approach things like micro-segmentation”.

As well as micro-segmentation, the blueprints cover best practices for customer profile analysis, churn analysis, campaign optimisation and market basket analysis, helping enterprises uncover hidden profitability.

The Clear Path Program isn’t just for analytics beginners. It also has alot of potential value and insights for businesses who’ve already begun predictive analytics ventures. As John Santaferraro notes, many businesses have “started on this path of predictive and they’ve got their feet wet, but they’re not sure where to go next. They want to know what data to add next, or how to create a more sophisticated algorithm. These blueprints were created by our data scientists and validated by real world use cases, we’re using that knowledge in these blueprints to be able to provide these businesses”.

As well blueprints, the Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program also offers workflows which can used out of the box with your own data. Workshops are also available with the Actian data scientists, which will walk businesses through how to fully understand and customise the blueprints.

In a world where businesses are increasingly curious about the potential of analytics, but unsure where to start, the Big Data 2.0 Clear Path Program could prove to be incredibly valuable.

(Image credit: Actian)

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(Image Credit: Nathan Borror)


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