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The Week In Big Data - 9Th June, 2014Understanding Big Data: Infrastructure

In this edition, we’ll be closely examining infrastructural approaches- what they are, how they work and what each approach is best used for. In previous editions we covered the 7 V’s of Big Data, and the Big Data Ecosystem.

The Week In Big Data - 9Th June, 2014Uber: Mapping Prostitution and “The Walk of Shame”

With the recent furore among cab drivers about the growing prominence of Uber in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Berlin, we thought it would be interesting to see how the mobile-app, car-for-hire company uses big data to better its services.


The Week In Big Data - 9Th June, 2014Germany’s Bringing Data to The World Cup

Germany’s manager Oliver Bierhoff announced that the National Team has been collaborating with SAP and the German Football Association to apply big data, through SAP’s Match Insights software, to assess the performance and training of the team in preparation for the world cup.

Netflix Using Data To Improve Quality Of ExperienceHow Netflix is Using Data to Improve Quality of Experience

In a recent blog post, Netflix highlight the ways in which the company is using big data behind the scenes to enrich its service. They’re putting the data to work largely to improve Quality of Experience (QoE) – the experience the user has after they hit play.

3471986083_2Ec67Af51E_ZChinese Search Giant Turns to Big Data to Forecast Flu Outbreaks

The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention will be working with online search giant Baidu to use its large user database to help forecast flu outbreaks.

The Week In Big Data - 9Th June, 2014

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