This week we looked at Big Data’s influence around the world: How it is being used by scientists attempting to predict the winner of the 2014 world cup in Brazil, how it is spreading throughout Africa by way of foreign investment, and how it has been used in the US to refine election boundaries. All together, another exciting week in a field that is penetrating the lives of people everywhere.

See our pick of the week’s findings below.


The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014A Land of Disparity: Revisiting Africa’s “Technology Boom”

Only a decade ago, to speak of Africa and technology would have seemed nonsensical. Today, it is part of a growing global conversation.

The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014Predicting the World Cup with Big Data

This time next week, we will be in the throes of World Cup fever. As we speak, beers are being readied, projection screens are being mounted, and unrealistic levels of national pride and aspiration are mounting.

The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014Understanding Big Data: The Ecosystem

For the uninitiated, the Big Data landscape can be daunting. The vast proliferation of technologies in this competitive market mean there’s no single go-to solution when you begin to build your Big Data architecture.


The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014Vizzuality: Making Visualisations Accessible to All

We met up with Vizzuality at the Code_N contest in CeBIT, Hannover. Vizzuality, as the name might suggest, deal in visualisations, and using data to tell stories, gain insights and fuel decisions.


The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014Data Improving Democracy

Gerrymandering in the US is a serious issue. The Washington Post estimates that as a result of gerrymandering, the Democrats under-represented by about 18 seats in the House, relative to their vote share in the 2012 election.

The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014Netflix’s Vision for the Future: Personalising Channels, Not Shows

Last week, CEO Reed Hastings and and Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt talked about the future of Netflix, and how they’re going to harness their vast oceans of data to stay at the pinnacle of the market.

The Week In Big Data - 2Nd June, 2014

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