Splunk, one of the leading software platforms for operational intelligence, announced on Monday that it has entered a “technical partnership” with big data software provider Syncsort. The partnership is aimed at unlocking machine data generated from mainframe systems and enabling organisations to search, analyse and visualise massive streams of mainframe data using Splunk Cloud (its cloud-based data analysis platform) or Splunk Enterprise (its on-premise counterpart).

The partnership will see Syncsort provide its “powerful engine” designed to collect, transform and forward mainframe log data and mainframe application data to the Splunk Enterprise and Cloud platforms for correlation and analysis. As ZNet describe, “mainframes are still used by many organizations within their IT infrastructures…Syncsort’s enterprise software is designed to help companies offload inefficient legacy data workloads, optimize cloud data, and speed data warehouse and mainframe processing.”

According to Sanjay Mehta, vice president of product marketing at Splunk, the partnership with Syncsort will enable its joint customers to monitor and identify security risks, operational or system failures, and customer financial transaction activities from all systems.

Bryan Ashley, vice president of business development at Syncsort also added, “this alliance will allow customers to use Syncsort’s powerful engine to efficiently collect and transform targeted mainframe data, without disrupting the mainframe operating environment, and load it into Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud for real-time analytics.”

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(Image Credit: Thomas Cloer)

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