Mode, a startup marketing itself as the “Github for data analysis”, has opened a beta version of its service to the public, as well as securing $2 million in venture capital. Formation8 led the funding round, with participation from Panorama Pointand Goldcrest as well as individual investors, including Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Mode will allow users to share their work (datasets, models, code) and look into the work of others, collaborate on projects and- crucially- build up their reputation with a strong body of work. “Just think of everything GitHub is to the world. It’s where you have your resume if you’re a developer,” said Derek Steer, Co-Founder and CEO of Mode. “Something like Mode makes it possible for [data workers] to establish a presence.”

Mode will let its users work on data in-browser. It connects to multiple different databases and warehouses, includes an SQL editor and visual editor, and allows you to embed the charts you’ve made elsewhere. Although some have raised concerns that the market Mode is trying to attract will probably already have their own preferred tools and datasets, Steer is confident that Mode will be successful as a environment for showcasing and collaborating on projects.

He also thinks that Mode’s focus on SQL will make it appeal to a wider audience, many of whom may not have considered data science and analytics a viable path for the before. “I think we do have a large addressable base right now,” he explained. “I say we’re focused on technical people, but SQL’s not actually that technical. … Facebook teaches almost every person who walks through the door SQL.”

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(Image credit: Mode Website)

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