IBM recently announced that, one of India’s leading marriage matchmaking conglomerates, has begun using IBM Big Data and Analytics technology in order to create better matches for their subscribers. With over 3 million users across hundreds of micro-sites, has no shortage data points with which to pair up their users.

The information comes from a range of sources including customer emails, telesales information, banner ads, and SMS activity. They have turned to IBM ExperienceOne and SPSS predictive analytics software in order to help achieve their goal of delivering near real-time results to those looking for a potential partner.

“Today, we see an increased ability to process and interpret all the information effectively as well as to cater to our customers’ customized needs efficiently. No doubt, that the online business industry will continue to flourish in the years to come with technology that not just helps cater to current needs of the market but helps augment growth…IBM’s solution will help us push the boundaries” – Jayaram K Iyer, Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer, [source]

Key to the success of’s data strategy is understanding the user’s sentiment and social norms in India, which play an obvious critical role in matchmaking success.

“Creating insights from the vast amount of data being generated today is key to every industry or sector,” said Jason Mosakowski, Director Software Sales and Marketing, IBM India/South Asia. “This is especially true when it comes to clients in the online domain. [IBM’s] solution will help them better use their data for insights and deliver integrated marketing messages to target subscribers better, ultimately helping them match more potential partners.”

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(Image credit: Nona Fara)

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