HP have unveiled a batch of big data analytics programmes targeted towards the business intelligence market. Uniting themes across the line of products include the aim to lower IT costs, processing data from multiple channels and minimising service downtime.

“Organizations are looking for solutions that let them aggregate data from multiple sources—such as social media and machine-generated data— to draw meaningful insights to increase the speed of service delivery and improve end-user satisfaction while reducing potential business disruptions and service outages,” states Roy Ritthaler, an HP vice president for IT operations management.

Products in the new batch include:

  • HP Autonomy IDOL- Aimed at allowing businesses to process unstructured data (video, social media feeds) as well as structured data. Traditional legacy data warehouses and analytics packages can answer the question “What happened?”- HP claim IDOL examines the intricate relationships between data to answer the much more crucial question “Why has this happened?”
  • HP Operations Analytics 2.1- Uses “expert sourcing” analytics to track down the source of IT problems and failures; it is claimed fault detection time can be reduced from days to hours. It also “learns” what anomalous behaviour within the system looks like, to flag up future problems before failures occur
  • HP Operations Log Intelligence 1.0- Intelligent log analytics system for uncovering hidden business insights and reducing operational costs
  • AppPulse- SaaS tool aimed at app developers and owners, which provides analytics on key user metrics
  • HP Propel- Marketed as a “one-stop shop” for IT services, offering integration with currently-implemeted systems

IDOL, Operations Log Intelligence, Propel and AppPulse are available worldwide now. The global Operations Analytics 2.1 is expected some time this month.

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(Photo credit: HP website)

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