This has been a big week for Big Data. We’ve learned how it saves the lives of blood cancer victims, wins elections, rescues internationally renowned companies, and makes fast food even faster. It’s no surprise that it was named the most influential technology for the future.


9042072796_23Cc1653A8_ZThe First Prime Minister to Use Big Data

Veteran blogger Furhaad Shah delved into Narendra Modi’s use of Big Data in the recent Indian election, with a fascinating map showing election activity around the globe.

The 7 Vs Of Big DataUnderstanding Big Data: The Seven V’s 

Eileen introduced us to “The Seven V’s of Big Data”, laying out the fundamentals of Big Data in a slightly more comprehensive manner than the traditional three V’s.

Kirk_BorneDemocratizing Data Assets: Learning From Data, Big and Small

Big Data legend Kirk Borne stopped by last week to share an incredibly interesting post about Machine Learning, how we both discover and learn from our data.


7586864728_A4466D7703_ZIBM and FujiFilm Break World Record for Data Storage

IBM and FujiFilm announced on Monday that their researchers have broken the world record in the amount of data that can be stored per square inch on Linear Tape-Open (LTO) cartridge.

Big Data Saving Lives Blood Cancer ResearchBig Data Saving Lives: Pioneering Blood Cancer Research

Researchers at the University of Leeds have pioneered a data mining system for individualising blood cancer treatment, which could revolutionise all cancer care.

Big Data Analytics Voted Most Influential Technology For The FutureBig Data Analytics Named Most Influential Technology for the Future

Big data analytics has a topped a survey on which disruptive technologies will have the biggest influence in three years time. The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Dynamic Visualisation’ came in second and third respectively.

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