Ohio State has issued a statement that it will be introducing the first data analytics major for undergraduates in the United States this autumn. The programme will allow students to specialize in Biomedical Informatics, Business- and Computational analytics, and in doing so, supplying the US –and the world’s- demand for professionals in Big Data analytics.

“That the colleges and university came together so quickly to put together this major is a testament to the commitment of Ohio State to bring its comprehensive strength to bear on issues of importance to Ohio, our nation and the world,” said David C. Manderscheid, executive dean and vice-provost in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students will learn principles of data representation and big data management, software design and programming, and statistical modeling and analysis. Then, depending on their areas of specialization students will select courses that will prepare them for experiential learning opportunities through partnerships with businesses.

Under the banner “Grand Challenges. Transformative Solutions“, the major fits into Ohio State’s Discovery Themes Initiative, a ten-year, multi-million dollar investment designed to make Ohio forerunner in critical research on global problems such as Energy and Environment; Food Production and Security; and Health and Wellness.

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