Google announced that Stackdriver, a cloud monitoring system, will be joining their team to deploy its services on Google‘s Cloud Platform, making it clear that the tech giant is taking the cloud market very seriously. The acquisition went for an undisclosed amount, but Stackdriver has raised a total of $15 million in venture funding in two rounds.

Tom Kershaw, Google Cloud’s product manager, wrote on Cloud Platform’s blog that, “Stackdriver has built a leading service to help developers intelligently monitor the apps and services they’re building and running in the cloud. This allows customers to have more visibility into errors, performance, behavior, and operations. The teams are going to be working to integrate Stackdriver’s great functionality so that Google Cloud Platform customers can take advantage of these new advanced monitoring capabilities.“

Stackdriver is known for monitoring Amazon Web Services, but it also supports monitoring individual servers, Rackspace’s cloud services and Google Cloud Engine instances. The company will not stop offering its existing services, and will provide users with tools for working in a hybrid cloud environment. The team’s newest  focus is on integrating the service with the Google Cloud Platform.

Kershaw added:  “we’re excited they’re joining us. We’ll be investing more in this area in the coming months — stay tuned!“

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