Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – London
Big Data and NoSQL: the cross-over

As part of Big Data Week London NoSQL is hosting a meet-up will – we’ll be exploring three key points in which big data and NoSQL cross-over.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Nova Scotia
Lunch n’ Learn in Cape Breton

An informal gathering of developers from both Marcato and Protocase to discuss how Marcato uses Github as part of our daily workflow for handling collaboration, code review, and code management.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Montreal
YulDev Meetup #1

Let’s discuss code!
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
Mather Lifeways Presents: The Promise of Personal Fitness Trackers to Promote Workforce Wellness

What can Quantified Self and wearable technology yield? This talk is around the future as seen by one Evanston-based company.Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
Ken Gleason Presents: Business Models for the Data Economy

How do you build a business on data? How do you transform that into money? Learn how to think beyond pure collection, move up the value chain and consider larger opportunities.Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Barcelona
Big Data and Health: Opportunities and Challenges

Capture, storage, and processing of large sets of complex and mixed data on individual behaviors, preferences, health conditions, and treatments are already beginning to change our understanding of he . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Madrid
Open Datathon Info Day – MADdata

Datos, innovación y emprendimiento. En este evento presentaremos MADdata, nuestra invitación a innovar sobre el valor público de los datos y las tecnologías Big Data, con una orientación en abier . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
Server Central Presents: Big Data. The Tools That Work.

It’s not always easy to determine which Big Data tool works best for your particular use case. Learn tips on the best from Avi Freedman, ServerCentral CTO.Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
Extended Data Solutions Presents: How Big Data Ensures the Right Person Gets the Right Message at the Right Time 

James O’Hara of Extended Data Solutions will present “The Role of Big Data in the Creation and Delivery of Variable Video Messaging”Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
The Quantified Self World From an Individual’s Perspective

A look at the different issues individuals face within self-tracking.Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
Which Freaking Database Should I Use?

The talk explores the reasons the types of databases available, their correct use and use cases for them.Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Missoula
Cyber Security: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace

LMG Security presents on Big Data applications in the cyber security field.
Attackers use tools such as the Blackhole Exploit Kit to send phishing emails, infect computers, and steal confidential dat . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Missoula
Brown Bag Lunch: Big Data for Dummies

Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Data but were too afraid to ask! Led by experts Eric Franzon of Semantic Web and Russ Fletcher of Inteneo Systems. Held at MonTEC conference room, 1121 E. . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Atlanta
The Big Data Transformation of Population & Community Health

Building and Applying Big Data Analytics within a Large Integrated Delivery System to enhance population health Presenters: Dr. Michael Dulin and Dr. Allen Naidoo, Carolinas HealthCare System
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Creating More Headroom for your Big Data

In conjunction with MDeC and MIMOS, SGI would like to extend a special invitation to a one day event focusing on Big Data and how to apply Big Data to storage.
This opportunity allows you to participa . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Creating More Headroom for your Big Data

In conjunction with MDeC and MIMOS, SGI would like to extend a special invitation to a one-day event focusing on Big Data and how to apply Big Data to storage. This opportunity allows you to participa . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Mining FB to Discover Yourself

Content on Facebook has been identified as a source that provides details about a person, a company, a product and voices of employees of an organization. The challenge is social conversation on these . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – São Paulo
Big Data Week São Paulo 2014 Technical Sessions

Sessões técnicas, hacks e workshops hands-on sobre tecnologia para Data Science. Experimente e entenda o que é Hadoop, NoSQL e muito mais!
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Atlanta
Beer & Code: Happy Hour for Developers

This event is intended for software engineers that enjoy tech talk around data.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Perth
iVEC Data Seminar 

Come and hear Maria Albertsen (ECU) discuss her ‘Analysis of genome-wide sequencing data using iVEC´s supercomputer’ and Rob Mollard (SGI) talk on ‘Data Protection – Breaking Down the Jargon’. Thi . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Atlanta
Happy Hour & Vendor Roundtable Discussion

Join fellow business leaders over drinks at Atlanta’s first showcase of Atlanta’s innovative Big Data tools and analytics technologies.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Atlanta
Business Intelligence Meets Big Data

This event is dedicated to exploring current offerings and methodologies within Business Intelligence and Analytics, and showcasing innovation in the space.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Home Grown Malaysia – Malaysia’s Contribution to Advancing Big Data

We have gathered 7 of Malaysia’s home-grown technology companies that are developing key technologies that enable big data to advance in Malaysia and beyond.
Learn about these technologies & compan . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Barcelona
Big Data & Retail

Big Data has arrived to Retail business, and it is here to stay!
El Big Data arriba amb força al món del comerç al detall, i arriba per quedar-s’hi!
Place / Lloc / Lugar: IESE Business School
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Zurich
Zürich – Usecases for Finance and Insurance – Swiss Data Week 2014

Another Swiss Data Week event: an afternoon session about Usecases for the Finance and Insurance industries.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Chicago
Cook County Government Presents: Creating a Data Driven Management Culture

Performance data informs the decisions at one of the US’s largest county governments. Learn how they’re changing the gov’t game.Big Data Week Events -- 7Th May
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Belfast
Big Data Week Belfast Conference

The conference will showcase the experience and insight into Big Data and its business benefits from speakers around the UK and Ireland such as IBM, Cloudera, PWC, SAP and more.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – London
#bdw14 Official London Conference

Join us on 7th May, at University College London; where the Big Data Week London team will host and chair a day of case studies, presentations, community showcases and debates with the UK data Communi . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Barcelona
Big Data i estadística oficial: oportunitat o amenaça? 

L’Institut d’Estadística de Catalunya (IDESCAT) organitza aquest debat sobre la utilitat del Big Data per a la producció d’estadística oficial i l’abordarà des de diferents punts de vista.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Wallonia
Rich models for complex data

Computational science has entered the era of Big Data, fueled by unparalleled amounts of data coming from high-throughput technologies and electronic records collected by various sensors and communica . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Warsaw
BIG DATA & BUSINESS ANALYTICS CONFERENCE: Right decisions by analyzing data

The conference on Big Data & Business Analytics is a response to the needs of managers in decision-making processes, process optimization, and search for new business benefits. Join us now!
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Toronto
Viafoura Big Data Tech Talk 3: Big Data Visualization

This meetup is for the data visualization peeps. How the heck do you display all that Big Data? It’s so big! We will show you.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Wallonia
Big data, Page Ranking and medical application

The surge of medical and nutritional data in the field of health requires research of models and methods as well as the development of data analysis tools. The spread of infectious diseases, detection . . .
May 7, 2014 – London
Chief Data Officer Summit

The relevance of data; how to manage it, exploit it, and gather actionable insights from it; is now impossible to ignore. The exclusive Chief Data Officer Summit will bring together Data executives to . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – London
Data Today: Upgrading Data to Intelligence

Data Today will bring together leading data, analytics and insight professionals from EE, HSBC, Transport for London and Three to discover tips, ideas and solutions which will enable your data and ana . . .
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Making Sense of Journalism through Big Data 

Big Data in Journalism can be means to insightful, intelligent and freer news reporting, and thus promoting active citizenry.
Event LogoMay 7, 2014 – Berlin
QS Discussions #2 – Personal Data meets Big Data

Self-Tracking is a great tool to improving our lives. The data we generate not only holds strong potential for us as an individual but also as a collective. The second edition of our QS Discussions wi . . .
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