Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Budapest
Big Data Budapest @ 500

We are celebrating our 500th member with a talk jam session on every flavor of Big Data topics and a few beers. Come and join us!
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Barcelona
Inauguració Big Bang Data

L’exposició Big Bang Data explora l’emergència de la base de dades com a marc de pensament cultural i polític i els efectes de la dadificació del món.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Saint John
T4G Keeps the Big Data Conversation Going

A casual, informative affair that offers you the chance to hear from some of T4G’s Big Data thinkers and doers while socializing with like-minded colleagues.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Montreal
#BDW14 MTL Breakfast Panel

Jump start your day with breakfast & discussions with Wajam at Radialpoint’s offices!
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Atlanta
Think Big Data Lend to Small Businesses

Speaker: Chief Data Scientist at Kabbage, Pinar Donmez
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Atlanta
Lunch & Learn: Credit Scoring – Enhanced and Expanded

Speaker: Max Zhu, Senior Director of Analytics at Equifax
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Atlanta
ROI & Big Data Panel

Learn from executives at leading manufacturing, finance, insurance, telco and retail companies on how they are managing their data initiatives and their success stories and challenges.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Bournemouth
Social Data Innovation

Social Data Innovation is all about you; your interactions and engagement online every day. Extracting valuable insight from these can reveal the subtleties of human behaviour and have a big impact on . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – London
23rd Big Data London meetup @ Barclays Accelerator – BIGDATAWEEK SPECIAL EDITION

23rd Big Data London meetup @ Barclays Accelerator – BIGDATAWEEK SPECIAL EDITION 
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Chicago
Narrative Science Presents: Quill Engage–A Better Way to Understand Google Analytics Data

How to bring relevant analysis, actionable advice, and insight to your Google Analytics, without graph and pie chart overload. All in easy-to-read reports.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Chicago
New Day & Time–MetaScale Presents: Hadoop in Action–Business Intelligence Use Cases

Gain insight into practical uses for Hadoop by looking at specific ways big data technologies can be leveraged to enable business analytics.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Chicago
New Day & Time–MetaScale Presents: Enterprise Challenges to Big Data Implementation

A definitive “how-to” on implementing a Big Data program for your organization.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Missoula
Predicting Future Healthcare Cost with Multivariate Statistics

Data Solutions’ Jordan Goldsmith presents “Predicting Future Healthcare Cost with Multivariate Statistics: The effects of comorbidities, polypharmacy and case management on the healthcare costs of an . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Atlanta
Big Data in Marketing Research Roundtable

For all forward thinking researchers in Atlanta, it is one of the not-to-miss events that has the potential to shake and shape the Marketing Research industry in the future.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Belfast
Big Data Security

Unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled as the speakers were unable to be present at the last minute.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Perth
Big Data Deep Space special planetarium session

During Big Data Week there will be 3 ‘Big Data Deep Space special planetarium sessions’ at the Scitech Planetarium at 2.45pm on Thursday 8th, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May 2014
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Belfast
Legal and Privacy Challenges for Big Data

A series of panelists will discuss the legal and privacy aspects of Big Data use in business and public life. Focus will be placed on how domestic and inter-jurisdictional requirements affect what can . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Hull
Hull Big Data Week Meetup

For our second Big Data week event we will be discussing the use of big data for businesses and how useful it can be.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Perth
Culture and Metadata

Join us at FORM Gallery, 357 Murray Street, Perth, on Thursday 8th May, 6pm-7pm, for a presentation by Mollie Hewitt and Travis Kelleher on the process of building Mira, followed by an open discussion . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Chicago
Siraj Tahir of Isle Utilities and Kamal Tahir Present–Part 2 of The Big Data Revolution is Expensive. Re-Evolving Your Data is Not. Here’s Why.

Part 2 will look at how an engineering organization can utilize re-evolution to turn data into actionable intelligence. 
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – São Paulo
Big Data Week São Paulo 2014 Official Party

Participe do happy hour oficial de encerramento do Big Data Week São Paulo 2014 em um dos bares mais descontraídos de São Paulo!
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Chicago
Newton Park Partners Present: The Enterprise Data Hub, an Emerging Concept

During this 20-minute presentation from Phil Shelley of Newton Park Partners, learn why an Enterprise Data Hub is an alternative to a warehouse for your company’s data needs.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Perth
Statistical data integration using administrative data for health and social research

Join Francis Mitrou from the ‘Telethon Kids Institute’ as he presents on ‘Statistical data integration using administrative data for health and social research’.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Basel
Basel – (Big) Data for Pharma, Healthcare and Lifescience – Swiss Data Week 2014

Another Swiss Data Week event: an afternoon session about (Big) Data for Pharma, Healthcare and Lifescience.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Madrid
Workshop on Economic Intelligence and Big Data

Workshop devoted to companies which will tell us their experience from the beginning of a Big Data project to the final success cases.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Madrid
Workshop on Big Data and Bioscientific Research 

Our panel of experts will answer everything researchers of the Bioscientific sector always wanted to know about Big Data.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Berlin
The Science of Hallucinations

Vaughan Bell is a clinical psychologist and visiting researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. He will visit Berlin to give a presentation on the Science of Hallucinations excl . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Wallonia
Palimpsest Exhibit

Mankind loses memory. In full phase of digital intoxication, where digitalization has to solve all the problems of communication and production of contents, we have to face the facts today : digital t . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Wallonia
L’impact du Big Data sur l’intelligence urbaine

La ville intelligente : une réalité d’aujourd’hui au service des citoyens, des communautés et des autorités…Une réalité pour que nos villes deviennent plus attractives
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Big Data Information Retrieval and Representation in the Telco Domain

TMR&D is hosting its Big Data Information Retrieval and Representation in the Telco Domain in it’s TM R&D Innovation Center. This platform will provides an agile and practical way to present informati . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Mining Big Data: A How-To 

From the tin mining state Perak comes a workshop on mining; held in Kampar, Perak, “Mining Big Data: A How-To”. This is a completely free workshop to promote the technical expertise required for Big D . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Large-scale file systems for Big Data Analytics

Big Data analytics is upon us and making big waves. But the foundation of supporting big data analytics rely heavily on an invisible structure called the File System.
File systems and object-based sy . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – New York
Open Analytics NYC Summit

Passionate about open source technologies and big data? Attend this summit!
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Barcelona
Conferencia oficial de la Big Data Week 2014 a Barcelona

Jornada de xerrades i presentacions al CCCB. Una visió general de l’impacte del fenomen Big Data en els àmbits social, polític, tecnològic i commercial, des de l’àmbit global fins al local.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Wallonia
Kenneth Cukier (The Economist) in conference in Mons

The Mundaneum, Google and technocité present “Big Data: a Revolution that will transform How We Live, Work, and Think” by Kenneth Cukier, co-author of the book and data editor of The Economist. See y . . .

Event logoMay 8, 2014 – London
Big Data: Multi-Platform Analytics (Hadoop, NoSQL, Graph, Analytical Database) 

Big Data 2-Day workshop/seminar hosted by Mike Ferguson in London on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 May.
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Berlin
6th Data Science Day

Data Science Day is THE big data community event in Berlin focussing on 360° big data, which means not just technology, fancy algorithms & new processes but the “full loop” from business to data and . . .
Event logoMay 8, 2014 – Missoula
Big Data – Applied: Generating Insights through Big Data Systems

Dr. Alex Philp, Founder and President of GCS, IBM Champion, and Faculty Affiliate at the University of Montana, will provide an overview of the key factors driving the Big Data phenomena today, includ . . .
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