Big data analytics has a topped a survey on which disruptive technologies will have the biggest influence in three years time. The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Dynamic Visualisation’ came in second and third respectively. The survey, carried out Nimbus Ninety in support of their May IGNITE summit, surveyed 200 senior executives on their perceptions of disruptive enterprise trends.

Caroline Boyd, director of strategy and research, commented on the trends uncovered in the report. “With tech businesses and media platforms evolving so quickly, it’s hard for businesses to keep up, but many organisations are treating this not as an obstacle to overcome, but as an opportunity to innovate. The results of our recent survey reveal just that – businesses realising the value proposition of technology and in particular, disruptive technology.”

The survey also asked which influential technology was perceived to be the most powerful right now. Mobile technology came out on top, listed by 70% of participants as a main influencer, closely followed by social media (65%) and cloud computing (64%).

Yet, none of these were listed as potential top influencers in three years’ time. Big data was the convincing frontrunner in this category, with 50% of the vote. The survey suggests that the rise of data gathering and analysis has only just begun.

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(Photo credit: Nimbus Ninety website)

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