According an InformationWeek report, salaries for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals are stagnating, whereas big data analytics experts and data scientists are at the top of the pay-scale.

The survey, which was conducted from November 2013 to February 2014, included 410 staff and 336 managers. The results showed that BI/analytics staff earn a median base salary of $87,000 (a median increase of 1.9%), and BI/analytics managers earning a median level of $110,000 (a median increase of 1.7%).

On the other hand, data integration/warehouse staff fared better than their BI/analytics counterparts, with a median base salary of $100,000 (a median change of 0%). Managers in data integration/warehouse reported a median base salary of $120,000 (increase of 2.8%).

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Although the InformationWeek survey did not cover the salaries of data scientists and big data analysts, a report from Burtch Works found that the median base salary (2014) was $120,000, while managers in the same field have a median base salary of $160,000.


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