Volante, the financial data integration provider, announced today that Volante Designer 5.0 will now support the Hadoop framework. The new Hadoop integration will allow Volante clients to build analytic conditions and pass data sets into the Hadoop environment of their choice.

“The explosion of unstructured data sets offers greater potential consumer and marketplace insights, and our clients need tools to help set up, process and analyze the data they collect,” said Vijay Oddiraju, the CEO of Valante. “The additional complexity of woof working with tools like Hadoop presented a barrier to entry; we eliminate that barrier by integrating Hadoop tools right into our pc-based Designer product.”

Financial institutions and large corporations will be able to normalize and merge vast amounts of transaction data in disparate “financial data standard structures” into Volante’s Hadoop environment.

Read the press release here

(Image Credit: Marius B)

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