Bridj, a company focused on using data to reinvent public transit, will begin a trail of their services in May. Bridj uses a number of methods to analyse peoples data – from their Foursquare check-ins, tweets, ZIP code, Facebook updates, etc – to predict areas of “peak demand on any given day and adjust its schedules accordingly”.

Mathew George, the founder of Bridj, spoke about his product earlier this week.

“Instead of funneling people into traditional categories of public transit, we’re reinventing public transit to match where people actually are,” he said. “We want people to open their phones and say, ‘Hey, I want to go to the bar in Cambridgeport, I know other people going to the bar, there’s probably going to be a Bridj that goes from my area to the bar.’”

Bus routes will be trialled in May on four commuter routes in Brookline, Boston, and Cambridge.

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(Image Credit: Arthur)

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