, a customer analytic service for tracking user interaction with apps, is coming out of beta. announced today that it would be receiving a $150k investment from Kima Ventures. is primarily targeted at tech startups. It allows companies to monitor and track their customers use of mobile and web application to build insights on what kind of attention their customers’ need and what their product can improve on.

Liam Gooding, the CEO and co-founder of, commented on the news.

“Our mission is to enable startups to focus on their customers by providing an actionable analytics platform that’s usable by the whole team. Marketing want to know which traffic sources convert the best, Product want to know which features are getting used the most, Sales want to know who’s ready for an upgrade and Customer Success need to know who’s struggling and maybe thinking about cancelling. is a way to find answers about your customers, regardless of who’s asking the question…one huge area we’re innovating on is machine learning and pattern recognition. Imagine if we told you which customers were thinking about canceling next month, so you could pull them back?”

(Image Credit: ninako)

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