Sqrrl, the company that develops secure NoSQL database software for Big Data applications, announced that it would be collaborating with Macmillan Education Australia to help them power a next generation education portal. Sqrrl Enterprise, the company’s NoSQL database, will allow Macmillan to secure and protect huge amounts of data that can only be accessed in authorized ways.

“We are very excited to be working with Macmillan in Australia,” says Sqrrl CEO Mark Terenzoni. “Big Data apps for education have strong security requirements, and Sqrrl brings unique Data-Centric Security capabilities to help make these apps possible.”

Sue McNab, the platform technical lead at Macmillan Education Australia, also commented on the partnership.

“For Macmillan Connect, we require a NoSQL database that can support interactive queries, process very large amounts of multi-structured data, and provide fine-grained access controls and encryption…we looked at a number of options, and only Sqrrl could provide these combined capabilities.”


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