Dataguise, a big data security service, has announced the Big Data Protection Partner Program (BDP3).  The program’s goal is to provide users’ big data projects with a heightened level of protection to stop the most sensitive end user information from falling into the wrong hands.

A statement from co-founder and CEO of Dataguise Manmeet Singh said:  “The key challenge with Big Data today is to fully leverage all this important information while addressing compliance issues and protecting against data breaches and insider threats.  … Partnering with industry experts in the deployment and scalability of Big Data platforms places us in a unique position. Our goal is to create a best-in-class Big Data protection ecosystem and provide discovery and protection of sensitive data — no matter where it came from or currently resides.”

What others at Dataguise stress as incredibly beneficially to big data companies in terms of protecting their data, especially when they are collaborating on a project, is their ability to properly protect both structured and unstructured data.  Partner portal access with various tools, as well as joint marketing and licenses will also be features in the program.

Since Dataguise has been a player in the field since 2008, the company has become something of a staple for masking and encrypting the most important information.  Its proven track record includes working with large credit institutions, Apache Hadoop, MapR, Cloudera, and Hortonworks.


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