MongoDB announced the release of its open-source NoSQL database — Mongo 2.6 – yesterday. Mongo 2.6. will include new key features like aggregation enhancements, text search integration, query engine improvements, a new write operation protocol, and security enhancements. The release of 2.6 is catered to those attempting to extract analytics from the NoSQL database management system — from database administrators to security experts.

“The core of MongoDB has served the community well for the past five years,” said Eliot Horowitz, co-founder and CTO of MongoDB. “In 2007, we set out to prove that a new data model could fundamentally improve the way developers build and run applications. Now we move the industry forward with a management service that improves the way we run apps, allowing organizations to focus on what they do best. We have the opportunity to engineer the primary data management system used for decades. This is a massive task, but we have the community, the engineering talent and the funding necessary to deliver on the promise of what is before us.”

(Image Credit: Steven)

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