Mobileum, the telecommunication big data analytics company, is attempting to make an impact in the India telecoms market. Noticing the increase in investment by domestic telecom operators, the US-based company aims to capitalize on the lack of big data analytics within the industry.

“India contributes about 5-7% of Mobileum’s overall revenues,” said the vice president of Mobileum, VVR Kishore. “We expect increased growth in India as operators make strategic investments into their networks.”

Currently, the company offers data analytics and CEM solutions to nearly all telecom service providers in India. According to Mobileum, big data analytics in telecom is roughly a $2 billion market globally, of which Asia-Pacific contributes 10% (or $200 million) and India approximately $22-30 million. However, the emergence of big data in India is relatively new and untapped. As Kishore commented, “Presently, the US is ahead in terms of adoption while Europe and other developed Asian markets are catching up. India is also a high growth market”

The big data market is estimated to grow by 30% a year globally, and it is clear that Mobileum will be ramping up its efforts to become leaders in telecom big data analytics. The company already has 615 mobile operators in their customer portfolio – spanning 168 countries – but will be looking to increase this number rapidly. In India alone, it is said that Mobileum will expand its employee base by 150 within the next two years.

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