At the annual GPU Technology Conference this year, OmniSci was awarded a $100k prize for its high-speed GPU in memory database.

Contestants were given four minutes pitch their idea and another four to answer questions from the panellists. Participants in the event came from all parts of the world, from as far as Australia and Israel, and pitched ideas in a range of sectors, including gaming, medicine, and finance.

Both audience members and the judging panel were given the responsibility to choose the company they believed was most worthy of the $100k investment – OmniSci’s efforts at making big-data interactive proved to be exactly the right kind of innovation to snatch the prize.

OmniSci’s success at the conference is due to the speed at which it can analyse data. For example, it can track more than a billion tweets at any given time, and “provide real-time interactive visual analysis of an almost boundless number of socio-economic queries.” OmniSci’s efforts have been used to track flu outbreaks, political sentiment in response to current events, and even comments on Typhoon Haiyan last year.

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