Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, spoke at the company’s “Insights Await” event in San Francisco to talk about bringing big data tools to people who are not data scientists.

“We want to take an architectural approach that brings together Excel on one end and SQL Server and Hadoop on the other end,” Nadella said.

It is said that the company will add key tools and features to PowerBI and Office to make it easier for customers to gain insights from data sets. One demonstration at the event showed how users could enter text queries and receive a data visualization back instantly.

Microsoft’s announcement will alert companies that are operating in the same space. Tableau and Birst, for example, both offer products that give their users the tools to visualize huge data sets.

Nadella mentioned that Microsoft makes more than $5 billion on SQL Server alone. This, combined with the new tools they are offering customers, will be a huge advantage to the computer giant. As small and mid-sized businesses are looking to gain insights from the data they have, tools like the ones Microsoft have released could generate huge profits for the company.

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