IBM and Skillsoft announced in January that they would be joining forces to build a powerful big data engine. The goal of the collaboration is the development of enhanced adaptive learning experience for users “with a focus on productive data-driven learning outcomes.”

The initial results of the work between IBM and Skillsoft will be presented during the 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives next week. At the moment, it has been said that Skillsoft’s current phrase of the programme has produced “algorithms to predict optimal engagement times, a content recommendation engine and a visualization framework to provide the foundation of a next-generation adaptive learning solution.”

The senior vice president at Skillsoft, John Ambrose, commented on the initial phrase of their partnership with IBM.

“We’re building a powerful new big data engine that will enable us to optimize learning experiences and uncover new learning patterns that can be applied immediately so that the system is continually improving…This is the perfect application of big data – harness it and apply it to improve individual and organizational performance.”

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